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Red:Green Feedback Cards For The iPhone
[2008-05-07] A couple of years ago, Jerry Michalski introduced a number of people to the concept of "Red:Green Cards," which are described thusly:

Is Mobile Web Dead?
[2008-04-16] ReadWriteWeb seems to have created quite a furor in publicizing the views of start-up entrepreneur Russell Beattie.

The Small Screen As The New Canvas
[2008-02-19] Reviewing some of the reporting and commentary from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, it's clear to see that this is heaven for gadget geeks.

Big Brother Would Like to Hear More of Your Cell Phone Conversations
[2008-01-15] By now most seasoned Internet surfers realize that wherever they go they leave their electronic footprints.

Sound Will Drive Mobile Web Growth
[2007-10-31] Although cell phones are ubiquitous, only limited numbers of individuals use them to surf the mobile Web.

Having my Mac Auto-connect to my Wifi Network
[2007-10-11] I don't know what the story is, but sometimes I go to places and my Mac automatically connects to the wireless network, but other times it requires that I select the network. The password to the network is in my "keychain", but something's still missing... ?

Google's AdSense for Mobile
[2007-09-18] Google has released their AdSense for Mobile program for a couple of countries now after testing it for some while*.

FCC Agrees to Most of Google's 700MHZ Bid Demands
[2007-08-01] The Federal Communications Commission has made its decision on the ground-rules for winning the 700MHZ wireless spectrum.

Yahoo's Mobile Expansion
[2007-06-20] We'll put aside Yahoo's CEO woes and turn our attention to their continued expansion of mobile services.

Mobile Banking
[2007-06-06] Banking is one of the most essential functions for most of us. We are also increasingly on the move.

The Mobile Web: Is it Humpty Dumpty?
[2007-04-23] Zec points to an interesting item by Information Week on Google's Mobile User Experience Strategy, which was the subject at a meeting of the New York City chapter of the Usability Professionals Association.

Are You Satisfied with Google's Mobile Adaptation?
[2007-04-09] Google continues to refine the way it offers Mobile Searching: the blog post is titled Walking, Talking, Searching, Finding:

CTIA Wireless 2007: Comments and Observations
[2007-04-04] CTIA Wireless 2007 - there's no doubt about it, content is still king… however, simplicity and ease of use are indeed "the killer app".

The Ultimate Challenge For the One Web Principle
[2007-03-20] The One Web Principle, which is at the heart of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, is challenging at many levels.

Media Center UI On Windows Mobile?
[2007-03-05] Engadget has a very interesting video showing off Samsung's Ultra Messaging device, featuring a Windows Mobile UI unlike anything we've ever seen.

How Bluetooth Features Can Change What You Do
[2007-01-24] Bluetooth is the name for an emerging technology that uses short-range radio links instead of cables to connect portable electronic devices.

Cell Phone Advertising is Taking the Leap
[2007-01-09] The next major competitive arena for advertisers is clearly cell phones and they seem to be leaping into the fray with enthusiasm.

Opera Goes Yahoo For Mobile Search
[2007-01-08] A year ago, Opera announced Google would be the default search provider on its mobile browser. That has changed to Yahoo, a fundamental shift that seems surprising on the surface.

Protecting Your Wireless Router
[2006-12-27] A wireless router is a great idea for networking computers that are not right next to each other.

Stake Your Claim on the Mobile Web
[2006-12-14] With the Internet growing so rapidly do you ever wonder if you are missing a new trend or technology that could boost your bottom line?

Skype Dialed Into Google Pack
[2006-11-14] Google's assortment of software for computer users now includes Skype, eBay's multi-billion dollar VoIP acquisition, as an option alongside Google Talk.

Yahoo Strikes Deal With Vodafone
[2006-11-14] Yahoo is making its way, one step at a time, into the mobile market.

Microsoft, Ingenio Pair On Pay-Per-Call Ads
[2006-10-09] The deal between Microsoft and pay per call advertising provider Ingenio will place ads on the Windows Live Search for Mobile service.

What You Should Check Before Buying Wireless Equipment
[2006-09-25] When you buy wireless equipment, you want to make sure that everything you buy will work in your house with the computer(s) you already have and over the distances required.

Microsoft Deploys Live Search On Nokia
[2006-09-22] Microsoft and Nokia reached an agreement that will place Live Search into Nokia's Mobile Search platform, which will make Live Search available to users of Nokia's high-end N Series multimedia phone and S60-compatible devices.

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